Resistencia A La Compresion Del Concreto

“What are your sorrows?” asked

Man to this big determine.

The Fantastic Mud Turtle replied:

“I can’t keep or balance the globe

any more time, there’s way too a lot concrete,

streets, properties, wars, bombs, the

shifting of balance during the entire world,

it really is breaking my back, its penetrating

my disguise, its tormenting my character,

I care not to be bondage sure!”

But men on earth would not comply

however asked once more “Why?”


“Really like seeketh not itself to please

nor does it care for by itself and I,

I have liked thee (even although in despair

for earth, and guy are bond as 1, I,

properly, I am just a mud turtle, watcher

of the balance, in between gentleman and earth,

for I and earth are bond, for earth is

mud, and guy is soil, we all are one.)

So, of course-you see, I have liked thee

even even though in despair, even while getting

trodden in excess of by your weighty feet,

and you even now, only seeketh, self to you should,

even in the course of one more decline as a result,

lifestyle to male is not sacred, only him: regardless of

heaven or hell, he does not bend.

(The previous turtle took in a deep breath,

He was exhausted, and then ongoing 🙂

“He has been given spring for joy, sweet

mornings to bear, bouquets to grow

about him for beauty. Does not he

Concreto Kemiko, Concreto Vs CementoI

explained to man:

“Underneath a single of these trees,

there in the great woods, pointing

toward its sturdy wind, from

the place I stand, is a little youngster turtle!

who is aware no greater, he does not

know your harm, your coronary heart, nor

your increasing despair…I shall take

you to the tree: I will demonstrate you the place!”

(Stated male in his

anger and detest, ‘Is this kid from the

Great Mud Turtle?’)(but the aged prophetic

would not replay, and continued)):

“As I was saying, this little one turtle

is best for you to discover, he has the means

to equilibrium the earth, though he does not know

this (for he has that endurable shell),

but this will be for you, and he, to function out.”

But the satisfaction of gentleman was strong, like

a lion, and his coronary heart was full of anger.

Consequently, they hung the old prophet, where

he stood…. Alas! Weary were the moments


And it arrived to pass, man experienced perished from

the encounter of the earth, and from their graves

all they could see (their corpses, spirits, skeletons,

eyes of ashes, residue), see was: stones, and much more

stones, brimstones, rubble and dried up rivers

and lakes, and oceans, and a mud turtle

strolling with his son

#2244 (two-nine-2008) Written in Lima, Peru

La Agon&iacutea de la

Gran Tortuga de Barro

(Un Cuento Po&eacutetico)


Una gran tortuga levant&oacute su cabeza

-desde las oscuras pero carmes&iacute entra&ntildeas de la tierra-

su cabeza como de piedra

con una larga lengua venenosa colgada

y sus ojos grises profundos en desesperaci&oacuten

miraron fijamente, s&oacutelo miraron fijamente.

“Crueles, celosos y ego&iacutestas son los hombres”,

dijo ella con una sonrisa fallida…

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